Saturday, October 4, 2008

Great Plugin for Xml Debugging... Xml Visualizer v.2

While going through the CodePlex website (one of my fvt website) I found this new Visualizer for Xml.

Its a great plugin that you have to copy paste in the "MyDocument\Visual Studio(2005/2008)\Visualizers" directory.

I really wanted a tool where I can just load the Xml into memory and play with the XPath Queries.This visualizer lets me do that and more.

PS: Please click on the image to view the contents of the image.

1) I can easily add a XPath Query and check the results.

PS: Please click on the image to view the contents of the image.

As you can see in this screenshot I have added a XPathQuery and you can see the results in the output. Very nice feature while debugging.... or if you are doing some xml parsing.

2) I can see the xml output in a browser.

3) I can create StyleSheets and use them to style my Xml file contents.

You can download the XmlVisualizer 2.0 from CodePlex.

Link --> Download Location

I think developers can be definitely more productive if they use this tool.

Happy Programming!!!


Anonymous said...

could u plz show how exactly to install the xml visualizer. i have place the dll file to the directory but it still open xml file with notepad and i really dont know how to change it. i tried open with but cant find xml visualizer. i'm really noob in this sort of thing so please can u show me with picture and step by step instruction. thank you

Charles said...

I too only see the original xml visualizer Inside VS 2012 and 2013 after putting the dll in the respective directories.