Saturday, October 4, 2008

Great Plugin for Xml Debugging... Xml Visualizer v.2

While going through the CodePlex website (one of my fvt website) I found this new Visualizer for Xml.

Its a great plugin that you have to copy paste in the "MyDocument\Visual Studio(2005/2008)\Visualizers" directory.

I really wanted a tool where I can just load the Xml into memory and play with the XPath Queries.This visualizer lets me do that and more.

PS: Please click on the image to view the contents of the image.

1) I can easily add a XPath Query and check the results.

PS: Please click on the image to view the contents of the image.

As you can see in this screenshot I have added a XPathQuery and you can see the results in the output. Very nice feature while debugging.... or if you are doing some xml parsing.

2) I can see the xml output in a browser.

3) I can create StyleSheets and use them to style my Xml file contents.

You can download the XmlVisualizer 2.0 from CodePlex.

Link --> Download Location

I think developers can be definitely more productive if they use this tool.

Happy Programming!!!


Anonymous said...

could u plz show how exactly to install the xml visualizer. i have place the dll file to the directory but it still open xml file with notepad and i really dont know how to change it. i tried open with but cant find xml visualizer. i'm really noob in this sort of thing so please can u show me with picture and step by step instruction. thank you

Charles said...

I too only see the original xml visualizer Inside VS 2012 and 2013 after putting the dll in the respective directories.

Carl Prothman said...

Visual Studio plugin installation

Only the file XmlVisualizer.dll is required to run and use Xml Visualizer v.2.

Place XmlVisualizer.dll in:

"My Documents\Visual Studio version\Visualizers", e.g.: "My Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Visualizers" (for Visual Studio 2015)

If "Visualizers" directory doesn't exist, then create it manually.

If you want to use the visualizer for remote debugging, copy XmlVisualizer.dll to the same path on the remote computer.

If Visual Studio is open, then restart Visual Studio.