Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to Design UserInterface.... AND Custom Validation

1) While Designing the User Interface (Presentation Layer) always put all your controls in a Table.

Place Control 1 Here ... Place Control 2 Here...

2) While designing the Web-Page make use of PlaceHolder Control. The advantage of this technique is that

a) You can Dynamically Load and Place the control at runtime... i.e Suppose you have a app- Setting Key/Value pair in your web.config file --- which you can read in from the web.config file and depending upon what you get from the WeB.Config file you can select which control to Load in the Palce Holder.

b) This gives a uniformity and Flexibility to get User-Interface Design.....

c) This way you can totally concentrate on creating the UserControl and not worry about the Presentation Layer.

-------------------------CUSTOM Validator-------------------------------------------------

With Custom Validator you get to validate the Control at the

ServerSide -- By Creating a function OnServerValidate()
ClientSide -- By writing a function in the ClientSideValidation()

That all that it is...

Happy Programming!!!!!