Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deploying your application Locally on your Dev Machine.....

Today, I will blog about how to deploy an application in your local machine without using the Micorsoft's Development Server... but using IIS Server.

1) Create a Folder in your C:\xxxProjectFolder Drive and deploying your application.
2) For each project in your solution create a folder for that project in C:\xxxProjectFolder folder.
3) From the code publish your code to those respective folders.
4)Change the Web.Config file to according to your needs like WebServiceUrl's, logFile Paths and other settings...

5) Go to IIS server (Start-->Run-->Inetmgr) and create virtual directories for all those folders.

6) Go to http://localhost/xxxProjectNameAlias/Login.aspx Folder

Deployment Complete.....

Happy Programming!!!

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